Chameleon Launcher is a nifty way to customize your Android tablet experience with a fresh launcher and a bunch of new widgets. And it’s especially appealing since it’s now 60% cheaper, priced at just $3.99. The application is now available in version 1.1.2 and it needs Android 3.2 and up to work.

The software takes up 6.9 MB of storage and widgets available with it are Facebook, Calendar, RSS reader, Clock, Google+ and a bunch more. The idea here is to implement a tablet-oriented launcher, that allows the user to rely on multiple home screens, each with their special custom layout, that includes widgets and apps. Chameleon was launched after a Kickstarter campaign and it feels very evolved and modern, compared to stock Android and other launchers.

It involves context-based triggers for home screen and you get a bottom dock area with apps. Animations are sharp and responsive and the name Chameleon is actually inspired by the fact that the home screens will switch depending on your WiFi zone, your GPS position or the time of day. So, depending on your activity you get a different Chameleon screen/collection of widgets. The app is up for download here.