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Evolio Neura 3G Review – Dual Core Tegra 2 Gets Dumbed Down With Froyo...

If you're looking for a cheap tablet, look no further than the Evolio Neura 3G, a Romanian tablet going for $500 in the WiFi version and for $630 in the 3G...

iPad 2 On Sale in China? Nope, Just the Clone of the Future Device

Cloning a device before its launch is something that happens in China, although usually such a product is the result of speculations and wishful thinking. This is the case of the...

iPhone 4 Tablet? Nope, Just the 7 Inch DroiPad, Copying the Design

We've heard about tablets copying the design of the iPad, but what about the iPhone 4? It appears that there's also a slate out there mimicking the look of the latest...

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