Meizu have long time eliminated the stigma of a company that copied the iPhone (among the first with a successful model actually) and are now into serious business, with a new appealing phone and… according to rumors, a tablet as well. The info leaked on the web after a patent application was made by Meizu.

This application was made public by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office, revealing both a case accessory and the slate. This looks like a device with a full QWERTY keyboard, most likely Android as the OS (Honeycomb) and surely a dual core (at least) CPU. Last we heard, Jack Wong, the CEO of Meizu promised a glorious future for his company’s smartphones, including a quad core model, but no trace of tablet plans was seen so far.

If the company plays its cards right and reveals a products that resembles the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer even a bit and undercuts its price, it may have a chance. Otherwise… it’s just another failed product, like the Toshiba Thrive. How about launching this tablet with a quad core CPU? That would certainly rock the market!