Bug Heroes 2 may just give you the DOTA fix you need on mobile, only this time you’re playing with bugs, not medieval characters. The title is played on the iPad Mini and takes up around 400 MB of space. It’s priced at $1.29 and features 25 unique heroes.

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This DOTA with bugs lets you play in a competitive or cooperative mode and it also features a multiplayer mode and skirmish mode. The latter offers you the option to create a base and attack the enemy’s base, in a purely strategic approach. You build turrets, cannons and such and claim various areas of the map to build more of those. Your two main heroes and randomly generated bugs will attack the rival base till it all ends.

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There are also main campaign missions, that will unlock new characters for you and help you level up. There are 75 enemy types to face, usually snails, bees and all sorts of insects. You can upgrade your skills and unlock the character’s abilities in real time, as you play. Spare parts are used as currency here to unlock new turrets and defenses, while leveling up brings you points that will allow you to develop your skills.

The angle of action can change from third person to a view from above and that’s done with a simple push of a button. Various character upgrades are purchased with coins and I have to say that I really liked the graphics of this title. All in all, Bug Heroes 2 is an excellent game, that gets a 9.5 out of 10 from us. You can download it here.