There was no shortage of accessory announcements when the Apple iPad Pro (2018) was unveiled, but now there’s one more, that enhances the format of the device. It’s a brand new keyboard coming from Brydge and it’s able to sort of turn the new slates into a laptop.

By the way, over the past 48 hours the first few lucky people started receiving the new iPad Pro on their doorstep. Accessory make Brydge has announced a new keyboard for the iPads, that will be shipping in early 2019. There are versions for both the 11 inch iPad and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. With these keyboards attached, the devices feel like some sort of laptops, MacBooks even, with the tiniest of bezels.

There’s even a cutout along the front side, in order to make the keyboard closing and opening easier. Some of the details about the accessories were made public on Twitter. One customer asked if the keyboards connect via Bluetooth and the company replied it can’t share all the secrets at once. Other details like pricing and availability are yet to be made clear.

Brydge keyboards have been popular among iPad owners for a while, because they feel very much like the Apple Smart Keyboard. They’ve got sturdy hinge designs, backlit keys and aluminum builds. The aim is to also imitate the MacBook. There were some problems in the past with quality control, but Brydge promises it has fixed them all. Seeing how previous gen Brydge models were priced at around $139 to $149, expect a similar sum here.