Bridgestone is probably the last company you’d expect to showcase an e-book reader, but it appears they did and the product is quite interesting, because it’s a flexible gadget of this type. This is a world’s first and you can check out the gadget below, knowing that it’s based on electronic paper, instead of a standard LCD display.


Also, it turns out that the device will display content on the screen, even after you turn it off. Bridgestone claims that the prototype e-book reader packs a 10.7 inch display, measure 5.8mm in thickness, which is great compared to Kindle 2’s 9.1mm thickness. It can also display color pages and the e-book reader can be bent to some extent, thanks to its flexible components.

Bridgestone also unveiled another device, one that packs a 13.1 inch e-paper display, that supports cellphone connectivity, a 0.8 sec screen refresh rate and can display up to 4,096 colors.

[via Crunchgear]