You probably know that we did a detailed review of the ASUS Transformer Book T100TA this week and one of the ways to test the device involved playing the game Bioshock 1, or better said a demo of it. The 2 GB demo was downloaded from and it runs as shown below.

bioshock on asus transformer book t100

We set the level of detail on medium and enjoyed a pretty good gaming session on the device. The frame rate occasionally drops below 30 FPS, but that’s not noticeable if you ask me. I’ve seen other reports about this device’s gaming abilities with people playing Crysis on it with a 21 FPS frame rate.

I didn’t notice any stutter, lag or crashes while playing Bioshock on the T100TA and that’s good enough in my book. The light reflections look cool and the movements are fluid. Even the touchpad and keyboard combo was decent to play the game, although a mouse would certainly be better. What do you think of this slate’s gaming abilities? I’m impressed!

You can get the slate from Amazon and the Bioshock demo from here.