Archos has issued a special firmware update for its G9 tablets, in order to fix the wireless problems. It appears that the Archos G9 80 and 101 Android 4.0 ICS tablets are getting the updates, since they have some WiFi issues, according to some of the users.

These are Android 4.0 ICS tablets with great prices, in case you’re wondering. The update started rolling out this weekend and also brings an increase in overall performance of the devices. The changelog provided by Archos says that you should expect better WiFi and GPS, plus less random reboots. The WiFi had the main problem of sometimes disconnecting on certain access points. The GPS also had stability issues and the HDMI gets an enhancement, so that it doesn’t propose overscan setting when the TV supports underscan.

SD card insertion detection is improved, as well as read/write permission, that encountered some errors in some applications. And finally those random reboots that came when using high CPU demanding apps are gone now. Version 4.0.6 of the firmware is the internal build name here and it has nothing to do with the Android version, remember that.