October 10 was the designated date for the debut of the iPad Mini, with rumors about press invites being ready to be deployed ahead of that date. Well, we’re passed that date and now we have a new time frame to guide ourselves by: October 23rd. Now it appears that the rumor mill is pointing in that direction when it comes to the debut of the new Apple tablet.

Reports are talking about an invite only event on October 23rd, that Apple will cater to and they’ll unveil the iPad Mini there. That’s just 3 days before Microsoft does the big launch of the Windows 8 platform, tablets and Surface models. Apple may be trying to beat Microsoft with this launch, but if you watched some documentaries and know a bit of Silicon Valley history, you know that Microsoft and Apple are not that big enemies. Bill Gates actually helped Apple with money early in the company’s existence…

Gates and Jobs were also very good friends and if Apple has a personal beef with anyone, that’s Google. Anyway, it’s becoming less and less likely we’ll see the iPad Mini this month if you ask me. At best we could expect an early November unveiling and a Black Friday crazy launch.

  • DeianStancu

    Apple and Microsoft are not enemies, they have a common one: Google . “An enemy of my enemy is my friend”, right?
    Well, even so, they might cross their paths at the same battlefield.
    In the end, the customer is the one that counts.