Mind you that Europeans have been getting Nook units easily, but the services in the USA aren’t entirely available for users in Europe. However, now with Barnes & Noble setting up a German subsidiary, things may start to look different.

B&N has established a new company in Germany, the Barnes & Noble Digital Media GmbH, filed two weeks ago. Based in Berlin, this branch will have Eugene DeFelice as vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. It’s a logical move for the maker of the Nook, who will probably want to gain more ground after getting quite a bit of adoption in the USA. Right now, the Nook has around 3.5% of the market. European developers were also contacted during a meeting in London with B&N hotshots.

When we at Tablet-news.com reviewed the Nook Tablet we found the app offering to be quite poor, so this is one aspect that needs to be improved. Developers working with B&N will have to have US bank accounts, with payments in US dollars. Meanwhile, B&N is saying that they don’t intend to build to a European launch, but they may just be hush hush about it.