There are two sides of this story: the people who say that the ASUS Transformer Prime Sleeve accessory is a ripoff for the Apple iPad Smart Cover and those who say it has nothing to do with it… I tend to believe it’s a ripoff, although I believe ASUS is an original company and I usually have faith in their products.

ASUS Taiwan posted the video on how to use the accessory and it’s as official as it gets. The product not only copies the iPad 2 Smart Cover, but also the InCase Origami Workstation, another famous accessory. You might want to know that even the Apple Smartcover used an Incase product as inspiration. Transformer Prime Sleeve will slip into two slots usually meant for the keyboard dock.

Priced at $39, this Sleeve seems a bit hard to maneuvre, if you compare it to the magnetic system on the iPad 2 Smart Cover. The purpose in the end is the same: protecting the Prime’s 10.1 inch Super IPS+ display and serving as a way to prop up the slate for movie viewing.