ASUS PadFone won’t be a singular product, but rather two devices, since now there’s the idea of a PadFone 2 4G out there. The first PadFone is not even on the market yet and already there’s talk of a follow-up. Amazing right? Last I heard the PadFone was delayed because of the production problem of the Snapdragon S4 chip.

These slides you can see here are part of a strategy debriefing for employees. The ASUS PadFone 2 4G will arrive with integrated LTE module and it may be available this fall. The leak also shows that predicted sales of ASUS devices will increase a lot in the second quarter of the year, thanks to the Happiness 2.0 strategy. The name is given by the clients’ happiness. ASUS got net revenue of 5 billion dollars in Q1 and wants to top that in this quarter. You can see below the target sales for Q2 and the increase (in percentage) they expect.

This LTE version of a tablet being its follow-up reminds me of the BlackBerry PlayBook LTE that seems to be a ghost, since it always leaks but never comes. Back to Happiness 2.0, this ASUS strategy involves cloud solution, great design, new audio technologies and great mobility. In the future we’ll also see more developed mobile gaming on notebooks, tablets and smartphones. It will be nice if ASUS took care of gaming more and offered some sort of Game Hub on its devices. I wonder if they’ll change CPU for the LTE version, although Snapdragon S4 handles LTE better than other chipsets, that’s for sure.