ASUS has just confirmed what everyone was hoping for: the existence of a 3G Transformer Prime tablet, that will come in March. There’s also a version of the ASUS product roadmap out there, showing us that the company is also preparing a Windows 8 slate for this year. These devices were confirmed in a pre-CES briefing where NetbookNews was present, reporting you all.

ASUS claimed that it intends to show two new models at CES, plus two extra tablets in the second half of 2012. We have no idea what wireless the Transformer Prime will support, but the best bet is GSM/UMTS or CDMA/EVDO, with everyone wondering if we’ll have a 4G LTE version or not. The maker of the slate also promised a stronger GPS module on the device, responding to the recent concerns about its issues with location detection. CES 2012 will bring us a 7 inch ASUS tablet, a leaked model that we heard about recently and a 10 inch device with a high resolution, apparently.

The info comes from ASUS’ Samson Hu and the other two models from later 2012 are also 10 inchers with great specs. A team made of 150 people is working on a Windows 8 tablet model right now and ARM chipsets were mentioned, although last I heard the ARM build of Win 8 was coming in 2013. Everything will be cleared next week in Las Vegas, I’m sure of that…

  • Anonymous

    I’m not even sure if I want a Win 8 ARM tablet at this point… I’d rather hope that the new intel chips will allow for 8+ hrs of battery life in the next gen of slates and go that route instead. When I buy my first Win 8 tablet… I’m thinking something to replace one of my laptops, not something to replace my Asus Prime. 

    I will be very interested to see how this shifts app development for Windows though… right now, I’m envisioning a place for both Win 8 and Android/iOS tablets. But maybe Win 8 will become the more profitable environment for app developers as well! If so, Microsoft may have truly found their trojan horse into the mobile market now!

  • George Karalias

    Gotta love CES to get the tech gadget adrenalin flowing. Thanks for the update.

  • Anonymous

    Likely Medfield battery sucking Tablet that just got trounced by Tegra in the benchmarks (clock-for-clock).