ASUS has just confirmed the rumors concerning Eee Pad Transformer shortages, mentioning that they are caused by the huge demand for the product. Spokesman David Chang issued a statement, but he didn’t say anything about the alleged 10,000 Android 3.0 tablets shipped by ASUS in April.

Chang predicted that it would take at least a month to get back to the original plan for sales. 100,000 units will probably be sold in May and 200,000 in June if everything goes OK. The ASUS representative dismissed the claims saying that the iPad 2 used some of the supplies meant for other companies and preferred to say that the Transformer was too successful to stay in stores and sold out fast.

Meanwhile, US distributors are saying that didn’t receive the promised stock of the slate, which contradicts what Chang said. Transformer was made popular for its high quality, but especially for that appealing $400 price, in the 16GB version, $200 less than a Xoom and $100 less than the cheapest iPad 2.