The rumors about the next iPad continue as we draw closer to the year end… Till now we’ve heard that the next iPad could in fact be an iPad 2 HD, only decreasing thickness and improving resolution. No we hear that Apple wants to change the LED backlight units for the new iPad, according to Digitimes and its sources.

The new iPad is rumored to rely on a larger version of the Retina Display, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, that will tear apart all competition, at least for a year or two. This means that a new backlight is also required, as the single bar design used right now doesn’t suit the big resolution. The Cupertino giant seems to be looking a brand new single bar design that involves a couple of LED chips on it.

There’s always the option of a new dual light bar system, that’s merely theory right now, since I haven’t heard anything about putting it in practice. With the dual light bar system better brightness will be achieved and battery consumption issues will also be fixed.