There are some people out there ready to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get their hands on a piece of history. Such an unique piece is the Apple-1, the first computer that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made.


That device is now on sale on eBay and it’s basically the ancestor of the iPad, if you want. This is the very product that had Jobs and Wozniak lose countless nights for and caused Jobs to sell his Volkswagen microbus to finance. If we mention that this unit is the one hand soldered in the Jobs family home, things become downright nostalgic.

Bob Luther from Alexandria is auctioning off the Apple-1 as part of an eBay Giving Works auction, with benefits going to the ALS Association. There are 8 days left in the auction and the bids are pretty low for this piece of history. The top bit is $50k at the time we’re writing this article. If you consider this belongs in an museum, it’s certainly worth much more.

This device features white ceramic MOS Technologies 6502 microprocessor, 8K bytes RAM in 16 pin 4K memory chips, 3 Big Blue power supply capacitors by Sprague and a clamshell case that was provided by Byte Shop. A Sony Solid State television and a Datanetics keyboard are included too.