MediaTek made the news recently, when it launched the Helio X10 processor and two new tablet-oriented CPUs. Today we learn that AMD attempts once again to enter the mobile space, this time with MediaTek’s help.


We’ve previously heard, a few years ago that there was an AMD APU in the works for mobile, but that never happened. Now, AMD is ready to license its GPU technology to MediaTek. The Radeon high end 3D graphics tech will this reach the mobile world and tablets at first. It’s very likely that AMD didn’t like how Nvidia was evolving in the mobile device area, with their consoles, tablets under the Shield brand and such and wanted to deliver more.

Apparently, there are compatibility issues with now between the MediaTek MT8163, MT8736 and AMD GPUs, but considering MediaTek’s wide range of chipsets, there will certainly be one to suit their needs. Seeing how even big brands like HTC or Lenovo opt for MediaTek processors, the fight is on in the chipset space right now.