If you had questions about the real update time frame of the ASUS Eee Transformer tablet, know that the slate will receive its portion of Android Ice Cream Sandwich in mid-February according to ASUS North America, that issued this statement in a comment on Facebook.

It has been a good start of the year, with the ASUS Transformer Prime receiving the update in January 10th, instead of the 12th, as promised. Then, over the past weekend the Motorola Xoom WiFi edition got it share of Android 4.0 action and now we’re counting down the days till Samsung decides to give its Galaxy Tab units from 2011 an upgrade time frame.

I have to remind you that the original ASUS Transformer was a great selling tablet, even reaching 400k units a month last summer. And I don’t see why not, considering this model came with a great keyboard dock, that also provided a total battery life of about 12 hours, great functionality, lots of ports and slots and all the options one can dream of. With the current issues of the Prime, I bet that some people would take the original Transformer with ICS over the quad core one.