It’s all Android 4.0 these days: the HP TouchPad got it share of ICS through CyanogenMod 9, that’s finally behaving great, while Motorola Xoom will get ICS this weekend via an official rollout. Now it’s time for the Nook Tablet to step on the same path, with developers loading an early build of the latest Android on it.

Developer Brandon Bennet or Nemith has posted the first pics showing CyanogenMod 9 running on the Nook Tablet. This piece of news has come only days later after the developers found out how to bypass the Nook Tablet locked bootloader. Barnes & Noble offers the Nook Tablet with a custom version of Android, one that’s focused on e-reading, web browsing and downloads of apps from the B & N store. Devs and hackers have been messing with the software for a while now, installing apps from third party sources and rooting the device.

The tablet was launched in November and since then experts have been trying to unlock that secured bootloader that made applying custom ROMs almost impossible. Now the devs are working on tools that will allow you to install customized software like CyanogenMod 9 on a microSD card and boot form the card and not the main storage. More info can be found in the source link below at XDA Developers.