Yesterday we found out that US users of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 started receiving the update to Android 4.0 ICS and today it appears that the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is taking its turn to get the software. I’m talking about the T-Mobile version, that can only get it via Kies so far.

T-Mobile support has started informing people that an “optional” Android 4.0.5 update for the Galaxy Tab7 Plus should be ready and waiting in Kies today. It’s strange to hear about version 4.0.5, something we haven’t seen before and it’s most likely a typo, or maybe a special build for the device. It could in fact be Android 4.0.3, but the main thing here is that it IS Ice Cream Sandwich and T-Mobile and Samsung are offering the update. The new software version will be required to access Music Hub starting August 27 2012.

You need to have the latest Kies and at least a 50% charge in order to take advantage of the new software. And now it’s time to wait for the Jelly Bean update, supposed to come sometime in Q4, if not later. The jump from ICS to JB should take a shorter while than the one from Gingerbread to ICS.