Remember the Lenovo Yoga tablet? Shown early this year at CES 2012, this tablet with a rotating mechanism will now get a Windows RT version, so it will be based on ARM technology. The original Yoga was a Windows 8 version, but this time instead of the Intel Core i5 chip it will adopt the Tegra 3 CPU.

This means that Lenovo is set on launching two editions of the Yoga tablet, with the Nvidia one offering double the battery life of the Intel version. ABC News claims that the tablet will hit the market around the same time as the Windows 8 one, so around the end of October. During a Lenovo event last week, the company hinted at a Win RT product, but didn’t provide further information. The IdeaPad Yoga was a convertible ultrabook with Intel’s ULC Core processors and able to function as a normal laptop, but it will turn into a tablet when the screen is folded backwards.

The Intel version is rumored to cost a hefty $1800, while the Tegra one will most likely cost less. ASUS is also working on a similar product format called the TAICHI, unveiled at Computex 2012 in June. TAICHI has dual 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch displays and an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU. Both displays offer Full HD resolution.