As many specialists speculated, Android 2.4 will bring Honeycomb features to handsets, but that might happen sooner than you hoped, since the launch of the new OS could take place in April. A Pocket Lint source makes these claims, also saying that version 2.4 won’t be Ice Cream, but a new Gingerbread instead.

This new Android is supposed to run on the 4.1 inch smartphone ViewSonic Viewpad 4, that comes with a 5MP camera and mini HDMI out. The main purpose of Android 2.4 is running Honeycomb dual core apps on single core devices, so it solves compatibility between platforms. Apparently, the name Ice Cream is being saved for Android 3.1, although we have no confirmation on that, so don’t take the info for granted.

We’ve heard that ViewPad is also preparing slates, so we’re curious if they’re Android 2.4 material as well, or they’ve switched to Honeycomb.