What Amazon might lack in quality (since their first tablet will be just another Tegra 2 model), they’ll make up in price, it seems. Supposedly, the company’s first slate will match the iPad’s $499 entry level pricing, according to the New York Post. Aggressive pricing is quoted for the first Amazon tablet, released in September or October.

We remind you that the retailer is actually readying two slates, the dual core entry level Coyote and the high end quad core Hollywod model. One of them will be unveiled in the coming weeks, if everything goes OK. We expect here Honeycomb on both devices and we can’t help but wonder what will happen to the quad core unit, since rumors say that the quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU has problems and it will be delayed a bit.

Of course, deep Amazon service integration is expected, with stuff like the Amazon Appstore, the Kindle eBook store, Amazon’s Cloud Drive service and much more included. Keep your eyes out for a special event in the following weeks, when the other major companies are done with introducing their products (HTC, Samsung, Motorola etc).