They don’t call it a Black Friday reduction, but Amazon has decided to discount the Nexus 7 2013 16 GB version, with the new price being $199. It’s interesting to see such a discount for a product that rivals their Kindle Fire slates.


The 32 GB model will also see a price drop of around 10% apparently, reaching an amount of $239. Both of these models are now actually cheaper on Amazon than on the Google Play Store. Amazon may be trying to beat the folks of Newegg, who have a similar discounted Nexus 7. I have to say that the end of 2013 is closing in and the Nexus 7 2013 is a favourite in my opinion to make the top 3 tablets of the year.

I don’t expect the deal to run out anytime soon, unless all the units are sold, but even then I’m guessing there will be enough slates to go around. The bit I’m most curious about is how the Windows 8 and RT slates will react during Black Friday. They’re the ones that need the reductions the most, not the Android slats…