If a couple of years ago kids needed just toys and some friends to play with, now in 2015 all changed as the technology is available to almost everyone. Thereby, Amazon launched today a tablet designed for kids, device called Fire HD Kids Edition and based on the hardware found on Fire HD6. This new slate is available starting today in UK for a $180 price tag.


For this price we also get a 2-year worry-free guarantee. This means that we get a replacement unit once the tablet stops working. This decision was made by Amazon having in mind the simple fact that kids break things, despite their best intentions. We see a pretty thick tablet in the picture that comes with a coloured protection case.

Because is a slate designed for kids, in the package we get a year of free subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, a store with books, videos, apps and games that can be downloaded with no additional cost. Another thing brought by this tablet is the parental control settings.

From here we can control the amount of time children can use the tablet. At a rigid time each night, parents are able to set a time when the device powers off.