Amazon Kindle Fire HD is still a fresh product, one that hasn’t yet been fully detailed, analyzed and dissected, but it’s approaching that status. Up until now we knew we were dealing with a product with extra security/locking methods in place, meaning it had a locked bootloader. Well, now the folks of XDA and RootzWiki overcame hardships and unlocked the device.

Hashcode, Justin Case, Reverend Kyle and Sparklym3 are the guys behind this rooting, that happened in repeatable form, if you follow the instructions from RootzWiki. We’re talking about the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch unit here and now you can load ADB easily and control the slate however you want it. You can still brick your device, so be cautious if you do root the tablet. It appears that Amazon failed to fix the bug sparkym3 found in ICS and that may have been the way to get in.

The exploit is actually one based on a similar vulnerability present on the Transformer Prime, in Ice cream Sandwich. Reports say that although this method was confirmed to work on the Fire HD 7, it should work on other tablets based on ICS, if I understood everything right.