The Amazon Kindle Fire is barely official and already there’s talk about a follow-up. Supply chain sources are claiming that the next Kindle Fire will sport a 8.9 inch touchscreen instead of the 7 inch panel of the original version.

Last I heard, Amazon was supposed to first launch a 7 inch tablet and then a 10 incher. DigiTimes has sources saying that the retailer switched to 8.9 inch displays and has plans for a 10.1 inch unit further down the road. If this is real, Amazon could turn into the new Samsung, covering all of the formats of tablets that matter, aside from the 5+ inch ones.

LG Display and CPT are both suppliers of the 7 inch LCD on the Kindle Fire and they have also been supplying the company with the needed 8.9 inch screen. The production is supposedly already started, in order to meet future demand. We’re not sure why Amazon made this switch, but it may have to do with the fact that that 7 inch, 9.7 inch and 10.1 inch displays are in very much demand, so the 8.9 inch area is less saturated.