As the Barnes & Noble Nook is living its last days, the folks of Amazon are merciless enough to cut its life cord, by cutting the price tag of their Kindle Fire HD products. The Nook HD itself received a price cut recently and now we’ve got a response from Amazon.


The adjustment in Amazon’s portofolio brings the 7 inch Kindle Fire HD taken down to 139 quid in the UK, which is 20 less quid than before for the 16 GB unit and $169 in the US, a cut of $30. The Nook HD meanwhile sells for $149 in the US for the 16 GB version. Amazon listed this as a limited time offer, but B&N also said the same and haven’t changed the tune since.

The Nook HD still remains the cheaper alternative and it can be even cheaper, since B&N also has an 8 GB version for $129, without an equivalent from Amazon. The two companies have different outcomes of their products: while B&N wants to clear the stock and give up the slate business, Amazon just wants to cut prices to rush B&N’s demise.