Amazon could buy Palm and weBOS and maybe rid HP of the big mistake they did by buying the OS and creator of the Treo series. I say mistake, because freshly after launching the first HP Palm products, HP decided to give up devices altogether and focus on software… eerie? And now let’s see the Amazon theory.

With Amazon so codependent on Android and changing its UI for the Kindle Fire, the public might want a breath of fresh and a new OS. WebOS is by no means new, but wrapping it up in media streaming, media buying services from Amazon will make it look fresh. VentureBeat is the one reporting the possible Amazon-Palm deal and maybe this one is focused more on handsets than on the OS.

Imagine a very cheap Pre with all the Amazon goodness on it. This will allow the company to create mini e-readers and maybe resurrect the Palm devices of older days, into a new format. Keep in mind that the Amazon Kindle Fire is quite similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook, since it’s made by the same company, Quanta. However, Palm has had some quality products in its portofolio, so why not incorporate them and use their expertise for a cheap e-reading PDA?