Since Google already announced the very cheap Nexus 7 tablet, the pressure is high for its rivals, such as Amazon, that’s rumored to bring out a new Kindle Fire model. Now there’s a rumor saying that Amazon already ordered 2 million Kindle Fire 2 units from Quanta and that they’re expected to ship on August 7.

The Nexus 7 is shipping in mid July, so Amazon must hurry and catch the train if they want to fight Google. In case you’re wondering, the Kindle Fire 2 I’m mentioning is a 7 inch model made by Quanta. Quanta is the manufacturer for both the first Kindle Fire and the BlackBerry PlayBook, so it’s logical that they also handle the production of the new Kindle Fire. China Times is the source of the information and the August 7 delivery of the new units seems to fit the previous rumors saying that Amazon might announce the Kindle Fire 2 on July 31st.

The new 7 inch Kindle Fire will come with a metal frame, the rest of the chassis in plastic and feature displays from LG and touch panels supplied by TPK. We have no info on the previously rumored 10 inch and 8.9 inch Kindle Fire units, but they will come, I guess… at some point. Will the end of 2012 see us with 3 rivaling 7+ inch units from Google, Amazon and Apple?