It appears that not only Mediatek is launching an 8 core processor these days, since their arch rival Allwinner also has an octa core processor unveiled. The Chinese processor maker is ready to do battle with the Taiwanese giant Mediatek.


The new CPU is Allwinner A80, an octa core unit that adopts ARM’s big.LITTLE technology, similar to the one that Samsung uses on its Exynos chip. You can switch to all 8 core usage if you need all that firepower, or you can go with the strongest cores and leave the less powerful ones for less important tasks.

The MediaTek MT6592 runs all 8 cores at once, so the A80 should be more power efficient by using fewer cores at times. This CPU will launch by the end of the year and having already seen a bunch of cheap Allwinner-based slates, I expect at least a dozen of them to pop up next year with 8 core solutions and affordable prices.