Acer seems to come out of nowhere with a gaming tablet today, with hands on pictures leaked all over the web. This is an Android device, that seems to have a pretty nifty design, reminding me of Alienware gear.


The product is engraved “Predator” and comes together with a few other announcements, that include a Windows Phone model, a gaming monitor, some 2 in 1 tablets and Android slates. The Android ecosystem didn’t exactly generate a lot of gaming devices and frankly speaking, I think there are more TV-connected consoles than gaming tablets out there.


I remember that Archos and a few Asian firms tried to replicate the design of the PSP, in a bigger format, as gaming slates. Of course, there’s also the NVIDIA Shield, but that’s more of a niche product. The product gets the angular red and black design of the Acer Predator gaming PC and apparently we also get 4 front facing speakers here.

This is an 8 inch device and we have no clue regarding its insides, just yet.