Acer is supposed to showcase a Windows 8 tablet model at Computex Taipei 2012, that will take place between June 5th and the 9th, according to industry sources. Acer is busy right now with the 10.1 inch Iconia Tab A510 Android model, with a 10.1 inch display and I wonder if the diagonal of the Win 8 model will be similar.

They’re also preparing the A700 1080p display model for July and Acer’s intentions include shipping two million tablet PCs this year. For now, they shipped 400k – 500k in January-April, according to sources close to the matter. Windows 8 tablets will certainly struggle with Android slates and the iPad at first, mostly because they lack their number of apps and have higher prices than the average Android tablet for example. In Asia, there are even $65 Android 4.0 tablets with decent specs….

Meanwhile, Asian tablet makers are worried about the Windows 8 license fee, that may make their products too expensive to be appealing. For now, we have a leaked Dell tablet with Windows 8, Lenovo’s commitment, Toshiba’s promises, next month’s Acer showcasing and the already unveiled Samsung and ASUS Windows 8 prototypes.