Even though it’s not time for Computex yet, Acer introduced a new Iconia slate, the Tab 10 A3-A50 model. This 10 incher, just like the rest of the Iconia Tab lineup is meant for video watching and listening to music. It’s got Android 7.0 Nougat and a MediaTek CPU.

This machine is supposed to offer you 8 hours of battery life and also wide view angles, courtesy of an IPS LCD panel. There’s also DTS-HD Premium Sound in the mix, coupled with 5 magnetic speakers. WiFi 802.11 ac also makes the cut and judging from the looks of the product, it probably has a plastic case. There are 4 speakers at the front and the whole slate measures less than 9 mm in waistline.

Its screen uses quantum dot technology, made famous by the latest TV sets, thanks to a wider color gamut and improved brightness and saturation. A miniature subwoofer sounds mint on this product and all of that acoustic goodness can be managed with the special MediaMaster sound settings. There are also two microUSB ports with OTG functionality on board and you can use this device with external storage or a mouse and also charge it at the same time.

Acer bundles a bunch of EZ tools here, like EZ WakeUp, EZ Snap and EZ Mode, plus a memory management tool. We don’t have a price, but I’ll speculate that it’s between $200 and $300.