Acer has just debuted a new Chromebook, one meant for schools and coming with an extra resilient case. The newcomer is dubbed Chromebook 11 C771 and it’s basically a laptop for the students, available in a touch and non touch version.

The device sports Intel’s 6th gen processor and it also adheres to the MIL-SPEC standards, so it’s an ultra durable machine, providing up to 13 hours of functioning on a charge. This Chromebook is meant for schools and it’ll probably also get some subsidies from the government and other authorities. It’s supposed to be a portable, durable machine that also doesn’t cost a lot.

This laptop will be available with a trio of processor options, going from an Intel Core i3 to a Core i5 or Celeron. There’s also 4 GB of RAM, 13 hours of battery life for the non touch model or 12 hours for the touch one. Acer claims that the Chromebook you see here has a corner shield structure, plus rubber bumpers, to protect it from drops.

It can handle up to 132 lbs of downward force courtesy of an internal honeycomb structure, that helps the screen not shatter. The C771 has a spill resistant keyboard, resilient to up to 11 ounces of liquid spilled. A 180 degree hinge, USB Type-C connectivity, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and WiFi a/b/g/n/ac are all here, plus a HD webcam. The price is $279.99 and the product debuts in September.