Acer announced a brand new All In One device (AiO), a PC powered by a 3 GHz Intel Core i5 Haswell processor. The device runs Android instead of Windows, which is a pleasant surprise and also a surprise is the price tag of $400 for this product.


One of the reasons why the price is so low is the fact that we have Android instead of Windows and some low specs, like 1 GB of RAM for example. The rift between Acer and Microsoft becomes bigger with this product and it all started with Windows RT and the Surface tablet. The machine looks hot and sounds like an interesting option, thanks to that potent PC.

I sure hope we’ll get the option to add more RAM and do some customization… if not we’re going to have to live with 1 GB of RAM. AIO machines are usually bought by people who only want net access and not many hardcore features. Would you buy this?