The market share of 8 inch tablets is supposed to increase this year to 11.9%, says the research firm TrendForce. This trend has recently been enforced by models like the Galaxy Note 8.0 and it was started many months back by the 7.9 inch iPad Mini.


According to TrendForce’s estimates, the 8 inch tablets will stand for 4.5% of the overall tablet shipments in the first half of the year. The idea behind their success is the minimalistic and narrow bezel of the devices, that minimizes their dimensions, getting them closer to 7 inch slates, but also offering a larger screen.

If you’ve watched our website for the past months, you also noticed an increase in 8 inch tablet models made by less known companies from Eastern Europe, like E-Boda, Allview and Evolio. All 3 of them had 8 inch models that we tested and we also expect the likes of Acer and ASUS to  jump on this bandwagon.