We’ve heard it multiple times that Apple was preparing a 5G tablet, that could even debut before a 5G iPhone. It’s obviously going to be an iPad Pro 5G model and now we learn more about it. Turns out that the device is going to offer support for 5G millimeter wave technology.

So basically, according to the 3GPP authority, 5G networks rely on two frequency bands: FR1 and FR2. The first one has a range of 450 MHz to 6 GHz, also known as the sub 6 GHz band, while the frequency range of the FR2 is 24.25 GHz – 52.6 GHz. That one is called millimeter wave (mmWave). The former is expected to travel further and offer improved rural and suburban coverage, but also with slower speeds.

The mmWave one is better for urban areas, offering large bandwidth and high speeds. Apple seems to have chosen the second version. There’s a report quoting Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor industry segment, saying that they’ll provide antenna packaging technology for the 5G iPads and 5G iPhones. While 5G iPhones are pretty much rumored for this fall, we don’t quite have a timeline for 5G iPad Pros just yet. One would think it’ll come in October, but it may be delayed till Spring 2021, worst case.

We’ve also heard the new iPad Pro will come with a triple camera borrowed from the iPhone 11 Pro in a square module and extra sensor for AR features. An Apple A14X is expected to be inside, granting it MacBook-like power. I’m curious how the inevitable 5G/battery woes will be fixed.