Tablet PCs are growing exponentially lately so it seems that 2014 or 2015 will be the year that slates finally beat PCs, when it comes to sales. The NPD Displaysearch projections for sales of tablet and notebooks are shown in the graph below.


PC sales are now at around 350 million units and will stay in that area for a few more years, while tablets are expected to hit 400 million by 2015. Digitimes Research says that 254 million tablets, the figure for 2013 stands for a 63.9% increase from 2012. Tablet makers are targeting emerging markets by lowering their average unit price.

Even big companies are selling tablets now for $99 and models with equivalent specs would have cost twice as much a year ago, so imagine two years from now what cool stuff we’ll be able to buy with $100. Ultra cheap slates are no longer reserved to India, since even big electronics makers are starting to push $40 slates. Are you ready to give up the PC?