Technology is not just meant to spoil millennials, but also make life easier for the older members of our community. For example, one 104 year old from Italy rediscovered the pleasure of reading newspapers thanks to tablets.

His name is Antonio Gaiotto and it’s his 104th birth day today. His grandsons gave him the tablet, that replaced a fastidious work of having to use a magnifying glass and a paper journal. Now he can zoom in and read the latest news, from all over the world. Antonio’s favourite news sections are politics, international news, stock market and sports.

The elderly citizen hasn’t been fortunate, having lost an eye during a work accident. Sadly, over the last years, the other eye had some problems, so he had to give up reading. Antonio was a prisoner in Germany during World War II and was forced to work in agriculture. Even then found the time to sneak some newspapers and read them.

I can’t exactly make out the tablet that Antonio is using, but from what I can see it’s most likely a Samsung Galaxy Tab model.  We wish him many years of continued use of that tablet and good health.