Zync is a company known for its affordable tablets and now it gets into tablet accessories, after launching a new keyboard for 9.7 inch slates. The keyboard can be coupled with any Android-based 9.7 inch tablet. The price for the accessory is about $36, which is not pricey at all.


This black keyboard case features a QWERTY keyboard and it comes with one click function keys for Home, Search and Menu. It also has multimedia function keys like Play/Pause, next, previous and even volume buttons. Zync keyboard embeds soft touch keys and it has a very thin form factor. It also has indicators for Caps, Num and Scroll Lock. Another piece of good news is that the keyboard has two usable USB ports, meaning that when you connect the tablet you will get two extra USB ports. Androidauthority has a great article on alternatives to the default Android keyboard. If you’re looking for a new keyboard to try out, check out this webmenza article!

You can use those to also add a mouse in the mix or a flash drive. There’s also a free stylus included for resistive screens, USB connector, adjustable clamp, kickstand and a protective leather cover. Just so you know, Zync has a 9.7 inch tablet called the Z1000 and running Android 4.0 ICS. This model has a 1.5 GHz CPU, 1 GB of RAM, HD display, 3G and Bluetooth. So far, I know that this product is available In India, but it may come to other countries, too.