If you really want a hot tablet that’s not 10 inches in diagonal and you’re in India, you may as well start buying the Xiaomi Mi Pad. The product debuted in India today and it will go against the iPad Mini 3 and Nexus 9, at a much lower price.


You can find the device’s review here and what we liked most about it was the battery, good price, quality camera, loud acoustics and powerful hardware. The display was also praised and the minimalistic camera UI was also quite nice. I have to say that the 84 decibels of the speakers get past the iPhone 6 Plus, so that’s a compliment. The CPU inside is an Nvidia Tegra K1 clocked at 2.2 GHz, that scores great in benchmarks.


One of the crucial aspects on the Indian market is the price and the Xiaomi Mi Pad goes for $207, while the iPad Mini 3 and Nexus 9 are priced in the range of $460, which is more than double the price of the Mi Pad. The iPad Mini 3 and Mi Pad have similar dimensions, with the Apple tablet being slightly thinner, but the Nexus 9 is certainly the beefiest model, with 20 mm more in length and 18 mm in width.


Screen resolutions are pretty close and brightness too, while the camera quality battle is most likely won by the iPad Mini 3, in spite of the lower resolution 5 MP shooter compared to 8 MP shooters on Nexus 9 and Mi Pad. The Xiaomi unit is however more equipped for selfies, with a 5 MP shooter, while the others go with 1.2 MP and 1.6 MP.

Finally the battery lives at 10 hours for the Mi Pad, about 11 hours with the iPad Mini 3 and a bit less with the Nexus 9. Which one do you choose?