White box tablet vendors intend to drop the price range of their products even further, reaching $40 in the second half of the year, according to well informed sources. Of course we’re talking about 7 inch tablets here, since 10 inchers remain a bit pricier.

cheap tablets

Taiwanese supply chain sources are the ones quoted here. Entry level white box slates are expected to sell well in markets such as China and its neighbors. The entry level component prices are the ones driving down the overall pricing of the 7 inch slates. Digitimes Research predicts that 254 million tablets will be sold this year alone, up 63.9% from last year.

Among those cheap components I was mentioning we’ll probably find Mediatek processors, Allwinner CPUs as well and maybe some Rockchip units. Flash memory is already cheap and display panels may be the most expensive component inside those devices. I wonder what role the battery plays in this strategy of price lowering…