In January this year, during CES, there was a very interesting tablet from Vizio, a manufacturer of TV sets, as you probably know them. Well, now the Gingerbread device has been spotted again, with hands on love from the guys of Engadget, as the picture below shows.

Vizio is ready to give Honeycomb to this unit, once the OS is stable enough for the slate. This model is focused on multimedia and supports a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, uses an IR controller placed at the top, so it can double as a remote for living room entertainment units such as TVs and VCRs. HDMI out is also on board, as well as speakers (top and side).

This tablet will be available next month with a very appealing price tag – $349, making this a pretty affordable model. It appears that this unit feels solid, according to people who played with it. The video below shows you more about it: