Toshiba faces some serious problems with its tablets, as the UK retailers have stopped selling the Folio 100 model. The company leaked memos from Dixons chain stores Currys and PC World, showing that the issue is with the high return rate of the products. Shops even pulled units from their websites, also increasing prices up to $1613, in order to avoid customers asking for more tablets.

Meanwhile, on MoDaCo’s forums you’ll find that among the issues reported with the device is the lack of Android Market support and Flash, in spite of having Froyo installed on the slates. Also, random standby wakeups and lack of responsiveness are quoted, plus poor quality of build and screens. Fragile plastic is mentioned as well.

This could not only affect Toshiba’s image, but also Android tablets as a product segment, which is a pity, specially for the critically acclaimed Galaxy Tab.

  • Matt

    My impression at IFA was that the quality of both build and OS on many Android slates was so far below the expectation set by the iPad that consumers would be disapointed (even if they are paying less). In my personal experience using the iPad is sublime EVEN accounting for the difficulty in copying files across/connectivity. The other slates fix the connectivity issues (USB etc) but don’t get the rest of the feeling right. The exception was the Galaxy Tab – the one slate that seemed to get the build quality right – personally I still can’t get on with Android though.