Nintendo’s Wii U controller was the talk of the town during this week’s E3 event, but there appears to be a similar device out there. We’re talking about the THQ uDraw GameTablet, pictured below and shown in action at the end of this piece. This is a HD slate, in case you’re wondering.

With Sony preparing the S1 and S2 PlayStation tablets and Nintendo also joining this craze, it was about time that gaming tablets started surfacing from other companies as well. This model works with a stylus and it can even incorporate a Wii Remote without problems. The Wii remote docks within the device, that also get its power from it.

This slate is bundled with the uDraw Studio software and there’s also Pictionary available, a game of quick sketches and guesses. Apparently, this model will also be compatible with the PS3 and Xbox, as far as I know.  Here’s the video demo: