Back in September the makers of Boxee, a relatively popular media player unveiled Cloudee, that was available in open beta testing mode at the time. Cloudee is a cloud-based video storage and sharing application, that has an iOS 6.0 optimized version, able to manage your videos across many gadgets.

Cloudee is available for free on the iPhone, Mac or PC and offers unlimited storage for all your iPhone videos, for example and easy private video sharing with the ones close to you. You can upload and manage content from the phone or computer and watch vids on any device of web browser in great quality. The app is still in beta phase and as a thank you for testing it out, its makers offer you free unlimited storage for all the content you upload during the beta period.

The finalized version will include the option to upgrade to a premium account in order to continue to upload additional videos. You should also know that Cloudee allows users to send videos to friends via Facebook, email and even texts. Plus you can post videos to Facebook or Twitter and create collaborative collections, so others can add clips to them. The app is up for download here.