The traffic stats for the UK web have come in and they show impressive results for the Apple iPad, especially after having come into an agreement with digital marketing companies like MashOn. Turns out that the Apple slates owned 75% of the UK web traffic in August, with 8 times more traffic than Samsung tablets.


The web traffic study was done by Chitika and shows that Samsung’s tablet usage rate has fallen from 9.1% in April to 8.8% in August. The iPad was the champ, crushing both Samsung and Android and obviously Windows tablets as well. Back in July, Apple was the winner of the tablet battle in the US and Canada with a 78% share of tablet usage and in the UK they got close to 75%.

Microsoft’s huge marketing push for the Surface 3 didn’t pay off, since they only achieved 1.1% of the web traffic in the UK. Chitika’s study also mentions that the Apple iPad users generate an impressive amount of tablet based web traffic in the UK, while Samsung, Amazon and Google users are the next largest UK tablet traffic segments. Millions of online ad impressions were analyzed to come up with these figures.