The arrival of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book late last year caused a lot of clones and products inspired by those models to appear. The trend is still going on in 2016 and the latest device to adhere to it is the Teclast Tbook 11, pictured below.


Priced at just $175, this model is supposed to have the same features (or similar) as the Surface 3 from Microsoft. It will be released on March 19th and it brings a Samsung made 10.6 inch Full HD IPS display, plus a dual OS setup, with Windows 10 and Android 5.1  on board. The specs are pretty good here, including the Intel Atom x5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and an 8.2 mm thick chassis.


There’s also a keyboard dock for this model, sold separately and sporting more USB ports and such. Teclast Tbook 11 arrives with a microSD card slot, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, micro HDMI and 64 GB of storage. There’s also a bigger model with a 11.6 inch screen, called Teclast Tbook 16, but that one is pricier, closer to $300.