Microsoft released the Surface Pro tablet in February and it came with a Wacom digitizer, that has yet to be put to good use by drawing professionals. MS promised to work with Wacom and provide an updated driver and it finally came, with associated apps.


Wacom offered an updated driver and it seems that Microsoft is testing this version itself, with a release coming as part of the monthly Surface update. The new driver comes with WinTab API support for desktop apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter and Zbrush. The driver supports Windows Inbox Drivers and APIs for pressure sensitive support in fresh Modern UI apps like FreshPaint.

This means you can finally use your Surface Pro and do some drawing, editing and all that. Check out the Wacom driver support page here, if you want the details and you’re interesting in giving the driver a test drive. Also, feel free to post some feedback in the comments section below.